Life is amusing, confusing and a celebration and what better way to show it than with comedy.

Several years ago when my husband and I first got married, I noticed something very odd: many of our coupled friends not only didn’t engage in love making any more, they barely communicated with each other. When they dated, their relationship was hot and heavy and the sex flowed freely. Then they got married, pursued careers and had children. Because all those parts of life are demanding, they literally lost touch with each other. By the end of the day they didn’t have the time or energy for romance.

Problem solver that I am, I thought I would create a gift: How To Prepare Your Love. It consisted of 10 playful seduction scenes written in recipe style each surrounded by a beautiful pen and ink heart, suitable for framing in a lovely 8 ½ by 11 booklet. The gift also had a sexy song I wrote called “Let My Lips Do The Walkin’,” a black and red garter and a small red pillow with a pocket for love notes or a flower, embroidered in black with the words ‘Your Love’. The idea was that if couples could take just 5 minutes a day to read a “recipe”—or even better perform one (with the sexy song playing in the background)- they could be more in touch with each other and maybe keep their romance alive. I got 22 investors and produced 800 units and thought “this is really going to work; it’s a viable answer to an ever growing problem.” Happy people, happy relationships, happy families, oh yeah! This was exciting! This was going to make a difference!! This…went nowhere.

But the idea of better communication between the sexes stayed. Especially when I realized early on in my own relationship how much I expected my guy to think like me, and he expected me to think like him. Not gonna happen most of the time, because although men and women are alike in many ways, in many other ways, they just aren’t. And so the idea of Adventures of Puss and Dick—A Survivor’ Guide to Relationships was born.

And now. like all creative ideas, this one has grown from two people who represent female and male energy, to an entire town of genitalia aptly named Humanity Harbor.  With humor and wit, all kinds of relationships and sexual proclivities flourish as the Puss(es) and Dick(s) struggle to communicate, surviving and thriving in a celebration of life.