My name is Ani Karoglanyan, currently a graduate from the Art Institute of Hollywood, Media Arts & Animation.

I love creating characters and environments that come to life right in front of your eyes. I have a background of Fine Art for years and have attended numerous classes at Art Center College of Design.

Art has been in my blood from a very young age, and I cannot visualize a life without creativity. Being in a household where TV was a privilege, and cartoons were frowned upon, I always managed to sneak around and watch my favorite shows. Being part of the birth of a new generation of animated series is my ultimate goal in life. To provide children with the same inspiration that these cartoons have provided me, will fill the hole in my heart.

By submersing myself in Media Arts and Animation, I am able to invite people into my world. Making the characters in my head come to life and engaging in the worlds I create is what I enjoy the most. Utilizing the tools I have learned over the years, I can show my ideas with  compelling images and share stories with the audience. Watching people enjoy my art and embracing my talents is what fuels my ambitions to become one of the best creators.

Working on Adventures of Puss N’ Dick has opened my eyes to a new stream of art, Webcomics. This was a learning experience for me, and I’m excited to share with everyone the art, and detail that went into the Characters.