Years ago, growing up in St. Louis, I figured that since there was a vast and varied cast of characters living inside my head anyway, I might as well give them voices and put them to work. Fortunately, the entertainment industry has obliged me in this pursuit, including work on the cleverly irreverent South Park where, after 17 years, I still enjoy giving voice to Kyle’s Mom, Butter’s Mom, Token’s Mom, Hilary Clinton, Red and any other characters they’d like me to do.

Along with South Park, I have fun doing all kinds of Anime including the new Digimon Series where I get to reprise the character of the now older computer wizard, Izzy.  I also have a blast voicing games, commercials, films (The Polka King, Spirited Away, Inside Out, Frozen, Monsters’ University etc.), and more animation that is under wraps until it’s release date.

I have co-written and performed many songs for animation and puppet projects and have co-created, written, and voiced characters for The Zoomer Crew’s First Christmas, an animation special for Riverstar Entertainment and have performed musical I created called A Life Is a Celebration…Potholes And All ©.

My painting, Multiplicity In Bloom, which is also my first venture into the world of juried, art has just been accepted into the upcoming art show Bloom II opening in March at the Sturt Haaga Gallery in Descanso Gardens, in Glendale, California.

And now, using every scrap of creative ability and life experience I have, I’ve partnered with the talented, Ani Karoglanyan to create what we believe is a funny, sassy and relevant webcomic: Adventures Of Puss And Dick – A Survivors Guide To Relationships.