My how we’ve grown! Meet some of our main characters.

Once upon a time, there were two bright and creative film graduates, a lovely vagina named Maya Puss and a handsome penis named Marcus Dick. They fell in love, got married and became Maya and Marcus Pussndick.  When the uncle Maya never knew she had dies, leaving her a small television studio in the remote town of Humanity Harbor up near the Canadian border, Maya and Marcus head north and begin The Adventures Of Puss ‘N Dick.

A town run by Vaginas and Penises?  What could go wrong?…Or Right?

Maya is our Female, and yes, she is a cute, savvy, sexy VAGINA.​

Marcus is our Male and is a  hunky, manly, smart PENIS.

Venmar, our androgynous ANGEL, is the Voice of Intuition and is in charge of Male – Female relationships.

HeSh trusty bird Fido is always close by.

Dreck and Muck – Dreck, that insidious, whispering voice of fear that lives in every Puss and Dick.

It’s minion is Muck, the Spider.